A Pineapple-Filled Wedding at the Caribbean Resort in Islamorada, Florida

This wedding was filled with bright colors and, get this, pineapples. Francesca Fenili (29 and in ad sales) loves pineapples, so when she and Michael Mucci (32 and in tech support) started planning their intimate wedding at the Caribbean Resort in Islamorada, Florida, her favored fruit became part of the decor. The planners at Flutter Fete and Ever After Floral Design made sure every detail fit seamlessly together. There were pineapples on the custom Italian seating chart, nestled within her bouquet, printed on the guest book as well as set on the custom stationery. Even their bold pink centerpieces had the mini fruit in gold. Their personalized details didn't stop there. Francesca and Michael also wanted to honor their heritages, so they picked an Italian Aperol spritz as one of their signature cocktails and served limoncello in the shot-glass wedding favors. The couple's photographer, Michelle March, captured these details and much more. Catch every moment of their pink, gold, orange and neutral celebration, below.