A Pink and Black Wedding Celebrating Bruce Springsteen at the Asbury Hotel in New Jersey

rn rn First and foremost, Danielle DeCarolis (33 and a school librarian and teacher) and Michael Arnold (30 and a project manager) wanted their wedding to feel like a party. "Our goal was for our guests to feel relaxed and to have fun because we had so many guests coming in from all over the country and staying the entire weekend," Danielle says. "We’re also huge Bruce Springsteen fans, and we wanted to show off the 'Jersey Shore' and where the Boss got his career started, so we tried to incorporate our love of home as often as possible." A local company created a watercolor map for the invitations with eight important locations called out, like their first date spot and their first Springsteen concert. The original map ended up as the guest book and now hangs in their home. Guests sampled dishes, like tacos and noodles, station-style, rather than sitting down to a plated dinner, which allowed for more mingling. Later, many jumped on stage to sing classics by Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones alongside the band.The next morning, everyone was treated to a doughnut delivery and a go-to Jersey breakfast staple—pork roll served from a food truck.