A Preppy, Lilly Pulitzer–Inspired Wedding at a Private Residence in Atherton, California

Alyssa Mitchell (30 and an executive assistant) and Jason Shamus (27 and an agency development manager) were married at her family home. "I always dreamed that I would be married there, in our garden," Alyssa says. "After watching 'Father of the Bride' about 50 times, I became more convinced than ever that our family home was the only option." Planner Isabella Sikaffy of Florabella played off Alyssa's deep love for preppy patterns and designer Lilly Pulitzer with the stationery and fabrics. "You don't have to have a strong theme to pull off something that's cohesive," Sikaffy says. She also recognized a golden opportunity in the family's spacious grounds to have not one, but two tents. One tent was used for the sit-down dinner, while the other was reserved for dancing. Both tents were set up along the pool, which lit up at night and became a gathering spot for guests throughout the evening. Another great part of getting married at home? Incorporating the family. Alyssa's father, Bill, mentioned he wanted a small station to feature his whiskey collection from around the world. Instead of a small station, the team transformed the pool pavilion into Bill's Whiskey Lounge. "It was really the hit of the evening," Sikaffy says.