A Preppy Oceanside Wedding at the Wychmere Beach Club in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Andrea Loiacano (24 and a physicians assistant) and Andrew Majczan (27 and a landscape designer) had met through a mutual friend and began dating one summer when Andrew drove to Cape Cod to surprise Andrea on vacation. They dated long-distance for two years while Andrea attended school until she returned to their hometown for winter break. As they were walking through the town centre to see the tree and nativity scene, Andrew took Andrea completely by surprise and proposed. After creating their first memories together in Cape Cod, the couple knew that would have to be the location of their wedding. They held their ceremony on the beach under a draped beach wood arbor surrounded by all of their family and friends. Inside at the reception, guests were welcome into a fresh, preppy party. The bride and groom were inspired by the charm of the Cape chose a color palette of coral, peach, blush, ivory and navy. To keep the decor simple and elegant, they used lanterns as the centerpieces and lightly coloured peonies for their flowers. As the sun began to set through the floor-to-ceiling windows, guests sat down for a meal of pepper-crusted sirloin and crab-crusted cod. For dessert, guests could choose their favourite flavour from a tower of cupcakes and take them home in little baggies as favours. The beach ended up being the perfect location for the bride and groom as it is where they feel most relaxed and at ease.