A Preppy Wedding at the Cleveland City Hall Rotunda in Ohio

Bohemian elegance was the driving force behind Kristina Nagy (29 and a nurse practitioner) and Bret Brielmaier’s (31 and an assistant NBA coach) whimsical wedding design, which pulled in elements from their favorite movie, Big Fish. “We watched the film during our first week of dating, and the fantastical tale of love, fate and destiny resonated with us,” Kristina says. In that spirt, the couple incorporated quotes from the flick into their signage, including one fitting phrase: “The only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring.” Kristina clutched a ribbon-wrapped arrangement of veronica, dahlias and garden roses. Bistro lights hung above the checkered dance floor, creating an enchanting look reminiscent of the movie’s famous dance scene. Dining tables featured arctic-blue velvet linens and delicate, 40-foot-long runners hand-sewn by the mother of the bride. Postceremony, Kristina ditched her lilac velvet sandals for high-top Converse sneakers so she could “properly dance the night away.” Guests sipped signature champagne and whiskey cocktails named for the couple’s pup, and sweet fare included a buttercream-frosted strawberry, almond and vanilla cake. Gourmet cookies nodded to the couple’s meet-cute at a local bar, where they split a pack of Double Stuf Oreos.