A Ranch Wedding at Rock Lake Ranch in College Station, Texas

Leigh Colkin (31 and in medical device sales) and Westin Wendt (31 and a biomedical engineer) met several years before they started dating. When Leigh ran across Westin’s profile on match.com, she was excited that he was finally single at the same time she was and sent him a note. The couple started dating and knew right away that they were right for one another. “One of the things that made me so sure about Westin being 'the one' was his relationship with my dog,” says Leigh. “She is a 140lb Great Dane named Sunday who usually doesn't take to strangers very quickly. Sunday immediately loved him, and very quickly started going to him instead of me when she wanted anything like a walk or even just affection.” For the proposal, the couple took Sunday to the dog park and decided they should take a picture. Before they take the photo, Westin pulls out a crystal collar for Sunday and says that he wanted to get her something so she wouldn’t be jealous. He then gets down on one knee and presents Leigh with an oval cut diamond ring. Leigh’s family has a wedding venue and ranch in College Station, Texas called Rock Lake Ranch that was the perfect location for her wedding to Westin. The ceremony took place outdoors on a sunny January day, and followed into a cocktail hour and reception indoors. Leigh’s family is Irish, so her father made his famous homemade Irish Cream to put in the coffee at the coffee bar, which was a huge hit with the guests. The dinner included Texas favorites such as fajitas with fresh cilantro, and after the wedding cake was served, a waffle bar opened up for a second sweet treat. Since Leigh and Westin got married in the winter, they gave their guests blankets for favors.