A Refined Beach Wedding at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Julia Keenan (32 and a singer/yoga instructor) met Michael Holowaty (32 and director of advertising sales) at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica where she was a cocktail waitress and he was staying at the hotel on a business trip from New York. They had spent the entire night locking eyes and made promises to keep in touch on his next trip to Los Angeles. Over the next two years, they traveled back and forth to visit each other until Michael was able to make a permanent move to California. Michael proposed in Rockefeller Center, where they had gone on their first New York date. The brides mother and father are both passed so the couple knew they would want to have the wedding somewhere that would make her feel close to them. Rancho Palos Verdes was an area where Julia had spent a lot of time with her father and Terranea had the oceanside location they were looking for. The venue boasted a large peninsula overlooking the water which is where Julia and Keenan held their ceremony. They read their vows to the sounds of a 3 piece jazz band playing live music and released butterflies as a symbol of their relationship. The jazz band played into their cocktail hour where guests were served passed wine, champagne and appetizers. The reception area was decorated in a mixture of coral, blush and ivory in a beachfront color scheme set with faux starfish, seashells and a variety of beautiful seasonal flowers. A traditional sit down dinner of steak and California Sea Bass was served alongside a variety of seasonal vegetables. As the night came to a close, the party moved to the lobby bar, and sat around the fire pits outside until last call. In lieu of a gift to the guests, the bride and groom made a donation to the Alzheimer's association in honor of the brides mother.