A Retro, Glamorous Wedding at Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland in Cleveland, Ohio

Shawn Turner (a pharmacist) and Phil Nguyen (a pharmacist) met each other while they were attending the same the same pharmacy school. Three years after vaguely knowing each other, Shawn sent Phil a friend request and starting messaging back and forth. Five years into their relationship, Phil sent Shawn off to explore Cleveland on different missions, ending at a jazz club where the final surprise awaited. Shawn walked in and was greeted by all her family and friends, and then there was Phil performing “Marry Me” on the piano. He custom-made the diamond that he proposed to Shawn with, and so there one-year engagement began. The wedding ceremony took place at the St. Colman Catholic Church in Cleveland Ohio, keeping the decorations simple with simple flower arrangements on two pedestals. The couple wanted to have a retro themed wedding reception that would remind guests of a urban, fancy lounge. Kate Spade designs inspired the d?cor and color palette of gold, black and white with touches of blush and glitter. “Kate Spade is a designer that comes to mind when I think of all those things, so her design aesthetic was a huge inspiration for our big day,” says Shawn. “This meant bold colors, mod graphic prints, experimentation with lots of textures (glitter, metallic, neon lights, & confetti to name a few!), and a touch of tasteful retro kitsch.”