A Retro Secret Elopement at The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada

This secret Las Vegas destination elopement was all about spontaneity, friendship and love. After 13 years of being best friends, Stacey Oxley (29 and a fleet coordinator) and Dill Hunt (31 and a mine operator) gathered their best friends from Australia and flew to the United States for a vacation that turned into a surprise engagement and wedding. “I found that, since we had been waiting for over 10 years to marry, I didn’t care about the small things or even the larger details,” Stacey says. “All I wanted was to walk down the aisle and meet Dill at the end of it.” The couple and their friends spent the day before the ceremony running errands and picking out last-minute details in Las Vegas; they even made the bouquets the morning of the wedding. “Deciding to elope was a big choice, and while the main point of a Las Vegas wedding was to save on costs and drama and to just get it over with, we wanted the day to be special, memorable and intimate." Stacey and Dill fell in love with the neon signs and bright colors at The Neon Museum, and chose to host their ceremony in their favorite corner of the Neon Boneyard. As Stacey walked down the aisle, the small group of witnesses hummed “Here Comes the Bride.” After they tied the knot, the newlyweds and their best friends decided to wing it for dinner and went to a casino for steaks. “It was the perfect way to end our day: with our tight-knit group of friends,” the bride says.