A Romantic, Casual Beach Wedding at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, California

Lindsey Saucedo (34 and a musician) and Lakin Foster (30 and a college basketball coach) met 10 years ago, when Lindsey was working at the University of California, Riverside and became a fan of Lakin’s music. The couple dated for two years before Lakin proposed (with a song, of course) on Christmas Day surrounded by Lindsey’s family. The two chose Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, California, for their wedding ceremony and reception. “I think we connected from being outdoors, and we are both attracted to the beauty of water,” Lakin says. The ceremony and tented reception—which took place on a nearby bluff top—used natural tones like sandy beige, deep blue and gray complemented by bright pink-orange. Bouquets and centerpieces were also kept simple and featured  white and vibrant deep pink roses and bundles of baby’s breath. At the reception for the couple’s 130 guests, handwritten chalkboard signs encouraged guests to play lawn games and snap Polaroids of themselves. The reception also boasted several touches that spoke to the couple’s love of music, including a guitar that guests signed in place of a guest book and table numbers printed on sheet music. “Some awesome musical surprises were also woven into our celebration and made the day so special,” Lakin says. “Lindsey had my fantastic singer-songwriter friend Justin Young surprise me during the ceremony with one of our favorite songs.” At the reception, Lakin surprised Lindsey by performing her favorite Stevie Wonder ballad, “As.” In addition to their shared love of music, Lakin and Lindsey place high value on communication. “It's challenging to become one unit from two separate lives,” Lakin says. “But it is a wonderful strength you will get to enjoy when you work at it. Putting yourselves in each other's shoes and a kind word can go a very long way.” —Carolyn Meers