A Romantic Exit

"The best piece of advice we can give seems so cliche, but enjoy the moment, enjoy your engagement, and laugh throughout the process. At the end of the day, you're married—you accomplished the biggest goal. Stop and take it in. It's rare you will have this many people who love you all in the same room again," Keeley shares.


Glamorous Bride and Groom Exit in Classic Convertible

Vintage Horse-Drawn Carriage

Vintage White Convertible Getaway Car

Vintage Convertible Exit

Vintage Truck Exit

Vintage 1961 White Bentley for Ceremony Exit

"Just Married" Car Decorations

Vintage Rolls-Royce Getaway Car

Garland-Draped Vintage Getaway Car

Bride and Groom Exiting St. Ann's and The Holy Trinity Church

Vintage Fur Coverup and Clutch

Vintage Black Wedding Car

Vintage Car Exit

Ribbon Send-Off

Pickup Truck Bride and Groom Getaway Car

Pickup Truck Bride and Groom Getaway Car

Newlywed Exit in a Classic New York Taxi

Vintage Wedding Car with Just Married Sign

Vintage Car Exit

Romantic Vintage Car Getaway

Classic Rolls-Royce Getaway Car

Exit in a Retro Mercedes