A Romantic Fall Wedding at Oak Valley Vineyard in San Antonio, Texas

Lara (23 and a kindergarten teacher) first saw William Cotton (24 and a GIS specialist) during their freshman year of high school. "I walked by him fo

Lara (23 and a kindergarten teacher) first saw William Cotton (24 and a GIS specialist) during their freshman year of high school. "I walked by him for weeks with hearts in my eyes until one day I told my friend about my crush and how cute I thought he was," Lara says. "It turns out she knew him. The next thing you know, we were meeting up at the spring dance and exchanging numbers during the following fourth period." Five years later they were engaged. 

Over the next five years—while they attended separate colleges—Lara and William planned their dream wedding. They decided on Oak Valley Vineyard in San Antonio, Texas, based on the food. "It's amazing," Lara says. A deep red inspired by Lara's favorite rose, Black Baccara, was an easy choice for the day's dominant color. "William got them for me every chance he could while we were dating," she says. The couple rounded out the dramatic hue with timeless creams and romantic pops of gold for a dreamy effect. The day's other important detail: cotton. "I had to play off my new last name," Lara says. Little tufts of cotton made their way into her Black Baccara red rose bouquet, and guests were treated to a cotton candy machine at the end of the night. —Meghan Overdeep

Lara fell in love with her dramatic cathedral-length veil before she found her dress. "I love the traditional look and feel of a cathedral length and the romance of a blusher," she says. "As a wedding photographer, I feel like a lot of the magic with a bride's wedding outfit is the romantic feel of the veil."
Lara accented her elegant low chignon with a crystal and pearl hair comb.
Knee-length champagne dresses with assorted necklines fit perfectly with the look of understated elegance Lara was going for.
Black Baccara red roses are Lara's favorite flower. While they were dating, William bought them for her whenever he could.
Charcoal Black by Vera Wang Groomsmen Tuxedos
"William absolutely insisted on tuxedos,"  Lara says. "He was stuck on the fact that this would be our only wedding ever and that he wanted to do it right."
A pattern of red rose petals decorated the ceremony aisle, leading to the wooden ceremony arch nestled under a cluster of oak trees.
Eucalyptus, Red Rose and Seed Pod Ceremony Arch Decor
The aisle chairs were adorned with bunches of gold and lace ribbons that blew in the wind.
Ceremony Refreshment Stand
Oak Valley Vineyard Outdoor Ceremony First Kiss
Tiered Lace Flower Girl Dresses
Gold-dipped antlers added a rustic touch to the romantic tablescapes.
Gold Wedding Cake With Cascade of Red Roses, Seed Pods and Cotton
William was treated to a UFC-themed groom's cake, complete with personalized gloves.
Later in the night, guests were treated to fresh pink cotton candy from a cotton candy machine run by Lara's godmother and her daughter.