A Romantic Garden Wedding at Highlands Ranch Mansion in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Brittany Hayden (19 and self-employed) and Nicholas Link (20 and a banker) were high school sweethearts who also attended the same college. They got engaged after two years of college and got married shortly thereafter in a charming garden-themed wedding, with shades of dusty blue, cream and blush at the beautiful Highlands Ranch Mansion in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The couple opted for food stations rather than a sit-down dinner, and they didn’t serve alcohol. Instead, they served Italian ice cream sodas with multiple flavor combinations. “We didn’t have to worry about tipsy guests driving home,” Brittany says. “And friends and family love talking about it.” When people ask “Why the rush?” Brittany says, “We knew what we wanted right away. We knew that we were meant to be together.” She admits that yes, they may face challenges because of their age (“a lot of our peers are out partying and aren’t working hard at a relationship”), but she also knows the value of “always having my best friend by my side.” Nick and Brittany support each other, laugh together, respect each other and work together to be “the best people we can be.” Her advice to other couples? Don’t get too stressed if a wedding detail isn’t perfect. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if the tablecloths you ordered aren’t the exact shade you thought they’d be. This wedding is for you to have your soulmate by your side the rest of your life. This is the person who will catch you when you fall, the person who will continue to rise you and the person you'll get to experience life with.” And that’s a pretty amazing thing, no matter your age. —Chrissy Sorenson