A Romantic Fall Wedding at Pratt Place Inn and Barn in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Anthony Meloy’s (38 and a physician) proposal to Layne (27 and a labor and delivery nurse) was—in her words—“perfectly imperfect.” The easy hike they planned to take with Layne’s young son turned out to be much more of a challenge. After powering through the tough spots, they were rewarded with a scenic oasis. “We had packed a picnic lunch, so when we came upon a beautiful stream we stopped for a bite. It was then that Tony dropped to his knee,” Layne says. “He got halfway through his proposal before I flung myself into his arms and said yes.” For their small wedding at Pratt Place Inn and Barn in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Layne and Tony wanted to honor the fall season but still make a statement. “Bold, romantic, intimate, Victorian—looking back, we were drawn to these words when imagining our wedding,” Layne says. Their vibrant palette balanced bright fuchsia with deep navy and crimson, plus pops of turquoise and gold. Layne and Tony exchanged vows in front of Pratt Place’s cottage and held their reception inside. All 17 guests were able to stay on the property, adding ease to the celebration. “We threw tradition out the window and made it focused around what worked for us,” Layne says. “It was so important to make the day as stress-free as possible and full of family and love. I think we passed with flying colors.” —Carolyn Meers