A Romantic, Love-Inspired Wedding at the Jefferson in Richmond, Virginia

Ashley Hatfield (29 and a post-graduate student) and Watson Stelly (29 and an RTAA coordinator) held their wedding inside the grand ballroom at the Je

Ashley Hatfield (29 and a post-graduate student) and Watson Stelly (29 and an RTAA coordinator) held their wedding inside the grand ballroom at the Jefferson in Richmond, Virginia. The elegant space not only fit the romantic theme perfectly, but also held a special place in Ashley's heart. "For as long as I can remember, my family and I would go to the Jefferson hotel for brunch," Ashley says. "I remember telling my dad that when I grow up, I want to get married here." And so she did, with shades of purples, pinks, whites and accents of gold coloring a range of details, from the lovely stationery making up the invitations, programs and escort cards to the hydrangea, rose and chrysanthemum flower arrangements that made frequent appearances. Ashley had always envisioned her wedding dress would be fit for a princess. When she tried on an A-line Ines di Santo gown with a ball gown skirt that flared out at the waist, that's exactly how she felt. As guests entered the ballroom reception, they found their escort cards named after nonfiction or fiction famous couples and the story of how they fell in love. Then friends and family members got to read about Ashley and Watson's own love story, with a copy on each dining table bordered by a gold-gilded frame. Talk about romantic! A vintage style shined through antique keys that dangled from escort cards, and also hung on the back of the wooden chairs at the sweetheart table. Plus, an old-fashioned pink cooler was filled with Coca-Cola bottles, which we loved. "My father was one of six children, and they never had much money growing up," Ashley says. "Each child got a soda per week, so as part of our wedding favors, we wanted to remind my father’s family that we don’t have to worry so much about money anymore. We may not be the best or the richest, but what really matters most is that we are rich with love." 


The programs embodied an elegant look, accented with gold text on the front and a light pink ribbon tied in a bow on the side. The ivory, gold and pink combination went with the day's romantic colors.
The bridesmaids wore floor-length purple dresses from Two Birds, some in an eggplant hue and others in a shade of mauve. The gowns in two colors and various styles blended beautifully.
Ashley fell in love with the ivory illusion shoes designed by Christian Louboutin, accented in subtle beading. The pair of heels went with Ashley's A-line wedding dress with a ball gown skirt and, of course, plenty of beading.
Ashley held a beautiful floral creation arranged by Amanda Veronee, which included soft-colored garden roses, chrysanthemums, spray roses and stock mixed with leafy greens.
"We were limited in what we could bring in for decor—no rose petals or a runner or candles," Ashley says. "However, the cathedral is so beautiful that very little embellishment is needed."
Ashley started a Pinterest board filled with wedding ring inspirations, which Watson used when he went to pick out Ashley's engagement ring. He chose a round-cut solitaire set in a sapphire-accented band. It matched her wedding ring, which they picked out later.
Ashley wore an A-line Ines di Santo dress with a ball gown skirt that made her feel like a princess, just like she wanted as a little girl. At first glance, Ashley didn't like the dress because of the intricate patterns on the bodice. But she fell in love once she tried it on.
Ashley and Watson held their ceremony inside the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, where the Renaissance Revival-style architecture won them over. They stood in front of the building, with Ashley's stunning cathedral-style veil flowing in the wind.
Ashley and Watson made their exit from the ceremony in a white vintage-style limousine. A white 'Just Married' sign hung on the back of the vehicle, positioned right under a leafy garland speckled with pink blooms.
Ashley and Watson made their entrance inside the ballroom at the Jefferson in Richmond, Virginia, walking down the staircase as their guests watched. She wore a traditional cathedral-length veil, which draped elegantly behind her.
The reception took place inside the elegant ballroom at the Jefferson in Richmond, Virginia, where guests sat at dining tables marked with gold and white signs named after famous couples. When guests found their escort cards, an attachment told the story of how the couple met.
"We found doors painted to coordinate with our color scheme, and vintage authentic crystal doorknobs, which became the backdrop for our escort cards," Ashley says. "Silk ribbon secured each escort card, and oversize skeleton keys also served as bottle openers."
Ashley and Watson stood in the middle of their wedding party, with the columns of Cathedral of the Sacred Heart behind them. The bridesmaids wore a combination of light and dark purple floor-length dresses, while the groomsmen sported a classic look with black suits and matching ties.
The bridesmaids held a bouquet filled with purple, pink and white blooms—ranging from garden roses to chrysanthemums and accents of stock. The flower arrangements matched their light and dark purple floor-length dresses.
At the reception, each guest received a miniature bottle of Chandon champagne as a gift. Pink ribbon attached tags around the neck of the bottles that read "Cheers," along with Ashley and Watson's names and wedding date.
A gold candelabra with white candlesticks accented the middle of the sweetheart table at the reception at the Jefferson in Richmond, Virginia. Pink roses draped over the middle of the elegant piece, and a gold frame with Ashley and Watson's name marked the table.
Ashley and Watson sat in chairs wrapped with purple ribbon and tied at the back. A large key dangled from the ribbon, contributing to the overall vintage inspirations that they made sure to incorporate into their wedding day.
Ashley changed into a vintage-style dress for the reception, with a lace-accented bodice and feather skirt designed by Reem Arca. "I tried on a gown with feathers, intricate beading and details, and didn’t want to take it off," Ashley says. "Here was my second dress."
Guests took home a bottle of Coca-Cola as part of their wedding favor, but the meaning behind it went much deeper than a refreshing beverage. As a child, Ashley's father received one soda a week, as one of six children in a lower-income household. Ashley wanted to have the vintage cooler filled with soda to symbolically show their father they no longer needed to worry about money.
The multitier cake embodied the purple, pink, white and gold color scheme. Gold and white layers stacked on top of one another, with pink and purple roses wedged between.
Watson led Ashley around the dance floor during their first dance. He wore a white suit jacket and vest designed by Hickey Freeman, paired with a black bow tie and pocket square to match.