A Romantic Outdoor Wedding at Wind Mountain Ranch in Stevenson, Washington

Eliza Conlin (26 and an HR specialist) literally fell head over heels for Jacob Cornelison (27 and a maintenance technician). “We met as students at Washington State University, but I didn't really fall for Jake until our third date, when I missed a step and fell down the stairs,” Eliza says. “Jake even had to get out his first-aid kit. We've been in love ever since.” For their outdoor summer wedding at Wind Mountain Ranch in Stevenson, Washington, Eliza and Jake wanted to highlight the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest while including plenty of personalized details and locally sourced goods. “Wind Mountain Ranch was the perfect place to showcase our love of the Pacific Northwest,” Eliza says. "Those mountains!" After an extraordinary outdoor ceremony against the backdrop of the Columbia River Gorge, Eliza and Jake treated their 110 guests to an array of local food and refreshments, from beer and wine to pies and cookies. Family heirlooms also played a role in the day’s events. “The crocheted linen on our cards and the lace linen on our guest-book table are family heirlooms. So are the silver pie servers we had for the dessert buffet and the pearl bracelet I wore,” Eliza says. “We didn't want the day to be just about us, and instead we wanted a celebration of all the people we love. Our wedding was everything we could have hoped for, but the marriage is what we were really looking forward to. At the end of the day, your reward—aka your forever person—is the same.” —Carolyn Meers