A Romantic Park Wedding and Restaurant Reception in Columbus, Ohio

Gia Rodriguez and Kurt Knisely celebrated their love with a ceremony beneath an arch with minimal flower arrangements at Schiller Park. "We both love the simplicity of nature, so we let the space speak for itself and added chairs for our guests’ comfort," Gia says. "My wonderful cousin agreed to officiate the wedding. He just so happens to own a handmade Elvis costume. We wanted everyone (including ourselves) to feel comfortable during the ceremony, and Elvis offered some levity where there would normally be nerves." Following the ceremony, guests headed to Barcelona restaurant for an intimate reception. The couple decorated with a framed seating chart, as well as romantic arrangements of yellow, white and pink flowers. "Afterward, we invited everyone to one of our favorite cocktail bars," Gia says. "My aunt and grandma baked a spread of our favorite Italian cookies, and we sipped delicious drinks on the rooftop into the evening. A gourmet burger truck was parked outside, which made it easy for guests to grab a bite if they got hungry again."