A Romantic Rustic Wedding at the Colonel Williams Inn in Marlboro, Vermont

Rupert planned to propose to Jane over a surprise weekend in the Catskills. Rupert had planned their whole evening, but before he could even get started, he discovered Jane asleep before everything could get started! Rupert shook her awake and said "I have something to ask you..."The couple got married at the Colonel Williams Inn, a small country inn in Marlboro, Vermont. Jane's Aunt and cousin had also gotten married at the Inn as well, so Jane and Rupert were continuing a family tradition! The couple decided to stay true to the rustic setting of their location, so they chose decor that complemented the natural beauty of their wedding site. All white flowers, big lush bunches of Baby's Breath and a color palette of white with navy blue accents perfectly complemented the gorgeous, rustic setting of their wedding. With a guest list that reached across the world (where Rupert's family is from), everyone came together to celebrate Jane and Rupert's wedding day. "Everyone was dancing until 1 a.m.--including Jane's 96 year old grandmother!" Rupert says.