A Romantic, Rustic Wedding at Turner Ballroom in Milwaukee

Amber Harrigan (27 and an elementary school counselor) and Andy Harrigan (29 and a disability services employer) met while attending graduate school for counseling at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Two years later, Andy arranged a small getaway for Amber's birthday at a cottage in Harbor Country, Michigan. While there, Andy asked Amber to join him on a walk to enjoy the sunrise along the lake. On that walk, Amber set up a camera for a timed photo with the scenic lake as a backdrop. When she went to pose for the photo, Andy got down on one knee with, the camera capturing the emotional moment. The couple decided to have their wedding near the University of Wisconsin's Milwaukee campus, choosing the historical Plymouth Church for their ceremony and Turner Ballroom for the reception. Amber and Andy picked a romantic style for their wedding. "Our venue helped to steer the direction, as it was a vintage-like building in downtown Milwaukee with a romantic/vintage ambience," Amber says. Since Amber likes neutral colors, the couple went with a color palette of white, cream and blush pink. Centerpieces followed the romantic style, with arrangements of roses and hydrangeas in mercury vases surrounded by warm candlelight, and wooden elements added a rustic charm to the setting. "Fun was also a huge element," Amber says, "and guests danced the night away on [Turner Ballroom's] giant stage."