A Romantic Seaside Wedding at a Private Residence in Weekapaug, Rhode Island

Tryn Collins (30 and an artist and teacher) and Matthew Kaelin (34 and a photographer) planned a romantic seaside wedding with rustic, romantic flair at Tryn’s family home in Weekapaug, Rhode Island. “Weekapaug has always been a beloved spot for my family and me,” Tryn says. “In fact, my sister, Dempsey, got married there nine years earlier. Hers was such an amazing, laid-back wedding that I tried to recapture that atmosphere of friends getting together for a long weekend near the beach. This time around, we thought outside the box and built a tented platform off our house’s porch. It felt like we were on a boat since it overlooked the ocean.” To create the low-key feel they were after, Tryn and Matthew decorated the open-air space with furniture from the home’s living room—couches, lamps and all—and had guests enter through the front door to access the porch, making them feel as though they’d dropped by a friend’s house for dinner. “As night fell and people became more comfortable, they could hang out on the couches and chairs while enjoying the view,” Tryn says. A palette of cream, blue and bold burgundy struck the perfect balance of timeless elegance and romantic drama. Chandeliers dripped in hops and lush arrangements of fresh berries, vines and full blooms inspired by Dutch still life paintings infused the decor with a wild, fecund feel. After a family-style meal with farm-fresh eats, Tryn and Matthew ushered guests out on the dance floor, where Reggie Wood and the Soul Street Band brought down the house late into the night. “They were such amazing musicians that I didn’t even care when they played the Black Eyed Peas,” Tryn says. A tip from Tryn: “Don’t let anyone rush you! I got overwhelmed once we were engaged with having to tell people dates, locations and lists. Enjoy being engaged, and don’t feel the pressure to start planning unless you want to.” —Libby MacCarthy