A Romantic, Sophisticated Wedding at San Antonio Museum of Art in San Antonio, Texas

Inspired by the coziness of an English garden, Lauren Heffron (30 and a freelance graphic designer) and Jonathan (Jon) Chittenden (30 and a director of information security at VICE Media) planned a sophisticated yet playful celebration.

Instead of a specific color palette, the couple stuck to a more vague theme of “muted neutrals”: gray and blush with navy, burgundy and gold accents. “It sounds crazy, but visually it worked,” Lauren says. The couple exchanged vows under an arch, adorned with beautiful blooms and greenery, that was built by friends specifically for their wedding.

The bride gifted each bridesmaid a bracelet that displayed the longitude and latitude of the locations where she met each for the first time.

The bride hand-lettered and designed all of the wedding stationery. To save time, she turned her handwriting into a font when setting the type for the programs and menus. 

Despite a large guest list, the reception felt like an intimate dinner party with long communal tables, draped in olive branch garlands, beneath twinkling string lights. Gray table linens paired with brown garden chairs continued the wedding’s muted, neutral palette. “I felt like it would allow for a softer, more cozy vibe,” Lauren says. Family pitched in during the days leading up to the wedding to help craft the olive branch garlands throughout the décor.

Lauren’s dress was made of silk crepe and French lace. “The dress was the epitome of what I wanted—feminine, romantic and a bit bohemian,” she says. After the ceremony, Lauren replaced her veil with a simple crown made of olive branches and lysantheum.

Calligraphed place cards were tied to sprigs of rosemary at each seat.