A Romantic Glam Wedding at Trump National Golf Club in Palos Verdes, California

Just weeks into planning their spring wedding, Shannon Kung and Law Lee began their search for their perfect venue before coming across Trump National Golf Club in Palos Verdes—a scenic space that features a classic ballroom, crystal chandeliers and coastal views of Southern California. "The night before we booked it, Law and I were watching an episode of Modern Family that was filmed at the same venue," Shannon explains. "We started jumping for joy and took it as a sign when we instantly recognized the space!" Over the next year, the pair worked tirelessly to create a romantic celebration that infused rich cultural Chinese traditions with plenty of personal  flair. "We hand selected and styled all of our decor and filled our weekends with a lot of painting, gluing and assembling," Shannon says of DIY projects that included a custom photo table, invitation suite and honey pot favors. But despite the  number of impressive custom details—from a lemonade stand to a gourmet chocolate bar—it was Shannon and Law's focus on traditions that truly made their wedding one-of-a-kind. "Two of my four looks were traditional Chinese qipao dresses that my mother wore on her wedding day over 40 years ago," Shannon explains. The pair even went so far as to surprise their families with day-of speeches delivered entirely in Chinese. "We spent months practicing and our parents were truly touched," Shannon says. For a peek at all of the can't miss details—including sequined linens and an aisle made entirely of rose petals—check out the photos courtesy of Lin and Jirsa below: