A Romantic, Vintage Wedding at a Private Residence in York, Ontario

Sarah (25, a Technician) and Josh (30, a Banker) wanted the style of their wedding to be easy and comfortable, with a vintage flair. "I've always been a bit of an old school throwback when it comes to taste in film, music and clothing. I've joked to Josh that he is my Jimmy Stewart, tall and sweet!" Sarah says. The couple held their ceremony in a small church in Sarah's brother's hometown of York, Ontario, with a reception right around the corner at the historic town hall building. Even though Sarah always envisioned getting married in the Spring, the couple didn't want wait until the following year to get married, so Sarah brought her Spring color palette of mustard yellow, mint, coral and blush to their Fall wedding. Flower arrangements of dahlias, succulents, billy balls, hydrangeas and mums by Fortinos Florists emphasized the Spring feeling the couple wanted. Personal DIY touches were prominent in the wedding as well--Sarah made her own birdcage veil, and Sarah's mother altered her dress, made the wedding cake and even made the entire reception dinner! An important part of the wedding for the couple was the music they chose to play during the ceremony, reception and the significant moments of their day. "I walked down the aisle to "Postcards from Far Away" by Coldplay. I've always loved that song and it was perfect to represent the years Josh and I spent long distance, sending love letters, emails and little packages in the mail," Sarah recalls.