A Romantic Waterfall Elopement at Wahclella Falls, Oregon

Early in their wedding-planning process, Casey Oleynikov (34 and a pharmaceutical rep)tand Evgeniy Oleynikov (39 and a pharmaceutical rep) realized an intimate wedding at home in Virginia was not for them. “It was becoming stressful and less about the love we wanted to celebrate,” Casey says. The two loved the outdoors and began to look to the mountains and sea for the perfect natural venue for their new plan: a simple, romantic elopement. After scouring the Internet they found a stunning river gorge in Oregon. The pair had visited 21 states together and decided to make it 22 at their wedding. After a mile hike, they spoke their vows in front of the Wahclella Falls with only the beauty of their natural surroundings, a peony bouquet and a flower crown as decoration. When the ceremony ended, Casey and Evgeniy sat down and celebrated with champagne and a cake they had bought at Whole Foods. “Our families were super-supportive," Casey says. "The entire day was very laid-back, and it was the most romantic day of my life.” —Jen Leahy