A Romantic Wedding at Branded T Ranch in Kendalia, Texas

Brieann Heaton (22 and a wedding coordinator) and JT Corbitt (22 and a respiratory therapist) met at a church camp in high school, became Facebook friends and reunited as freshmen at Texas State University. Brieann, who was dating her high school boyfriend, joined a sorority (and tried to set JT up with her sorority sisters); JT joined a fraternity, and the two became great friends. When Brieann and her boyfriend broke up, JT jumped at the opportunity to ask her out. The location of their first date was kept a surprise, so Brieann got dolled up in a long dress and wedges, only to find that their date was in Gruene, a historic town with bumpy roads and potholes that made romantic strolls slightly challenging. He proposed on a hike on Mount Bonnell—the same mountain he had once hiked with his mom, vowing to her that he would one day bring a very special and important woman up there to share in the beauty. He strategically placed Bibles along the route, opened to significant verses. At the end of the path, JT stood waiting for her. As the sun set over the view of Austin, Texas, he asked her to be his wife. The couple chose the Branded T Ranch in Kendalia, Texas, a barn venue with modern touches, for a rustic-chic yet elegant wedding (without getting too country). The palette included soft pinks, neutrals, gold and the occasional burst of fuchsia. “I wanted to stay soft and romantic but didn't want everything to seem too washed out, so I added pops of bright pink.” Favorite elements included a large DIY wood and floral wall as a backdrop behind the DJ, a dessert table, an Airstream photo booth and an outdoor cigar bar. During the reception, JT and his fraternity brothers serenaded Brieann to “My Girl” by the Temptations. As a full-time wedding planner, Brieann knows a thing or two about planning the perfect wedding. Take some time to enjoy your engagement, have a backup plan for outdoor venues (Mother Nature can be unpredictable), don’t stress about what could go wrong, and learn to let go if something does go wrong. “Even with all the planning and all the experience I've had planning other weddings, there were still things that happened at my wedding that were completely out of my control,” Brieann says. “Everything still turned out beautiful, and it was the best day ever.” —Chrissy Sorenson