A Romantic Wedding in Rancho Victoria Vineyard in Plymouth, California

Marina Goretoy (25 and an office manager) met Vazgen Dallakyan (26 and a personal trainer) when they were teenagers working at a supermarket. Although they come from different backgrounds—Marina’s family has roots in Russia and Vazgen is Armenian—their wedding at Rancho Victoria Vineyard, east of Sacramento, California, was a romantic, elegant celebration of their cultures in a naturally impressive setting. “We chose Rancho Victoria because of the beautiful rolling hills and its distance from the city,” Marina says. “It reminded me of a little cottage tucked away with an incredible view.” An elegant color scheme of deep crimson, slate gray, gold and soft pink was paired with lively textures and patterns, from sequins to a stunning black-and-white dance floor. 

After a Christian ceremony under a wooden gazebo draped with white curtains, the 200 guests were seated at round golden candelabra-topped tables and served a series of fresh dishes as the evening progressed. “Plated or buffet style wouldn't have worked, since my husband’s culture wants weddings to be feasts,” Marina says. “We hired a caterer to cook throughout the evening. Every 20 minutes they brought out new dishes, ranging from lamb and fish to kebabs and many other Armenian dishes.” At the end of the night, the couple brought guests together on the dance floor to release balloons. “We wanted something everyone could participate in, from kids to our grandparents,” Marina says. “The balloon send-off was perfect, and since it was evening we decided to put lights in each one, so they would sparkle in the dark sky.” —Carolyn Meers