A Romantic White-and-Blush Wedding at Canyonwood Ridge in Dripping Springs, Texas

Lauren and Kaleb's wedding at Canyonwood Ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas, was all about dreamy blush tones, lush greenery-filled floral arrangements

Lauren and Kaleb's wedding at Canyonwood Ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas, was all about dreamy blush tones, lush greenery-filled floral arrangements and palpable joy through and through. "I wanted my wedding to be natural and elegant," says Lauren of her wedding inspiration. "We went with light blush and dusty rose tones, accents of navy, and tons of greenery throughout the space. My venue had so much natural light coming in from the large windows that it was already a stunning venue without lots of added work. I had beautiful peonies and roses in my bridal bouquet, and the white astilbe and greenery added some fun texture to my bouquet and the boutonnieres. We incorporated blush roses throughout the floral arrangements to add a hint of color that complimented the greenery. My large floral piece on the cross and the long garland with roses were my favorite floral arrangements that made my wedding design dreams come true. My florist brought my Pinterest dreams to reality. Plus, we were able to reuse both of them in the reception design. The hanging greenery from the chandeliers in the reception hall really contributed to the style of my reception, and it tied in all of my floral arrangements with the rest of the decor."

The couple started their wedding day with an alternative to a first look, which ended up being their favorite moment from the entire day. "The most special part of our wedding day was getting to read each other letters we had written to each other before the ceremony," recalls Lauren. "We didn't want to do a first look, so our wedding planner and photographer helped us get back to back in the chapel without either of us getting a peek of each other. It was a quiet and intimate moment before the ceremony for us to read our letters of anticipation, nervousness, joy, and love for each other before we walked down the aisle. It was the perfect time to soak in the day together before the festivities began."

Celebrating their shared Christian faith was paramount for Lauren and Kaleb when planning their wedding. "As part of our wedding, my husband and I took communion together as part of our Christian faith, and we had a beautiful cross decorated in florals at our alter. My mother gave me a small pocket Bible to carry down the aisle with me, and she shared with me that it had been carried down the aisle by generations before me, including my mom, grandmother, and great grandmother," says Lauren. "Something exceedingly special about our wedding that was completely unplanned was that our officiant read out personalized letters that my husband and I wrote to each other that encapsulated our prayers for our marriage and our spouse. We wrote them individually, and yet our prayers for each other ended up being the same message. Our officiant had never done this in a wedding before, but he said our letters were so touching that he couldn't pass up the opportunity to share them with us and our community. There wasn't a dry eye in the room by the end of them, including our own."

At the reception, Lauren and Kaleb decided to include a Southern tradition of the "groom's cake" in addition to their classic wedding cake. "My favorite personalization piece of our wedding was the groom's cake. My husband picked out logos and symbols that held importance to him and put them on a 'Yeti cooler'-shaped red velvet cake. The 'stickers' represented his family's farming business, our school logo where we met, his brand from when he grew up in the agriculture industry, and his current employer's logo. The cooler also held some bottles of his favorite beer, Shiner Bock."

Looking back on the wedding day at Canyonwood Ridge in Dripping Springs, Texas, Lauren emphasizes that one of the best decisions she made was to hire a wedding planner to help bring the entire celebration to life. "Having a wedding planner was the biggest blessing we could have asked for in the wedding planning process," says Lauren. "She truly took the nerves and anxiety out of wedding planning, and I completely trusted her throughout my wedding day to ensure it ran smoothly. My wedding planner also had creative ideas that really brought my wedding to life that I would've never thought of. The best part was I didn't have my mom or bridesmaids frantically trying to get my wedding together or coordinate everything that needed to happen, and all of my loved ones could enjoy the evening without stress. She handled everything without me even knowing, and my wedding day went flawlessly because of her. She was truly the best decision we made throughout the wedding planning process."

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