A Rustic Autumnal Wedding at Stone Bridge Farms in Cullman, Alabama

Shelby Allen (22 and a sleep lab supervisor) and Chris Frame (24 and a machinist) quickly became best friends after first meeting at a friend's house. After a few months of Skyping, the pair began dating and Chris waited until they both had finished school before he proposed to Shelby during a shrimp festival at the beach. After hearing good things about Stone Bridge Farms in Cullman, Alabama, they headed over to check out the rustic spot and ended up setting the date for exactly one year after that first visit. "We wanted a beautiful fall wedding and it was just the perfect time of year," says Shelby. "The leafs were turning and it felt amazing outside!" A seasonal red and orange color palette along with berries, gourds and chrysanthemum set the tone for the November affair. Live trees were brought indoors to enhance the crisp fall feel and autumnal centerpieces completed the festive feel. "Stone Bridge Farms was everything we dreamed of—they even had cabins onsite that everyone was able to stay in," says Shelby. "Having that option made it a whole wedding weekend celebration instead of just one night!"