A Rustic Barn Wedding at Ciccone Vineyard and Winery in Suttons Bay, Michigan

Carrie Rae (32 and works in sales) and Ryan Arban (32 and works in sales) became friends through work. Then Carrie delivered an accidental pickup line that changed their lives. "My pickup line, unknowingly, was 'You want some?' " she says. I was applying my lip gloss at the bar and realized Ryan was watching me put it on, so I offered him some. Not long after he planted a kiss on me that was electrifying. It was pretty much over after that. We were inseparable." When it came time for them to plan their wedding, they settled on Ciccone Vineyard and Winery in Suttons Bay, Michigan. A shabby-chic aesthetic played off the rustic barn setting—pulling it together with lace, burlap, mason jars, plenty of natural wood and shades of coral and blue. "I love the coral color, and my Uncle Mark had the grand idea of blue pocket squares, so we went with it," Carrie says. Each guest went home with a little reminder of northern Michigan: a stemless wineglass that had the state of Michigan etched into it. —Meghan Overdeep