A Rustic Bed and Breakfast Wedding at Sunset Cove in Pinckney, Michigan

While searching for the perfect wedding venue in the Ann Arbor area, Brianna Loveland (29 and a supervisor at Lowe Campbell Ewald) and Benjamin Honingford (30 and in marketing) wanted an up-north feel without all of the unnecessary travel. "The grand, rustic log cabin felt and smelled like home as soon as you walked inside," Brianna explains. "Everything about Sunset Cove encouraged exploration and celebration. The best part was that everything took place there and we didn't need to travel up north to experience that setting. It ended up exceeding our expectations." The couple successfully pulled off a rustic-themed wedding with the occasional untraditional flair -- like Brianna's peacock feather in lieu of a veil. "For some reason, I had never pictured myself wearing a veil on my wedding day," she says. "The feather seemed to be just the touch I needed -- playful and delicate." Guests were treated to a pre-ceremonial cocktail hour upon arrival and enjoyed a glass of bubbly before Brianna and Benjamin exchanged vows in front of Strawberry Lake.