A Rustic, Bohemian Wedding at the Guild in Kansas City, Missouri

Kenzi Jordan (23 and a freelance graphic designer) and Jon Quigg (24 and a motion graphics artist) planned a whimsical, bohemian affair at the Guild in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, to celebrate their nuptials. The raw urban space offered an industrial-inspired backdrop; paired with the couple’s creativity and eclectic style, it made for a day packed with personality and festive flair. The evening started with a ceremony in the Guild’s private urban garden at sunset, followed by a night of celebrating in the expansive indoor event space. The decor fused modern, old-world and rustic styles, with everything from brass antique objects to natural wooden accents and pops of bright color on show. Poppy and Clover brought the event space to life with a mix of classic blooms like roses and dahlias, wildflowers, greenery, pods and funky flora like pincushion flowers and craspedias. “The flowers were one of the most important things to me because it was such a huge part of our earthy feel and decor,” Kenzi says. “Poppy and Clover really made it all come together.” Kenzi put her graphic design skills to work, designing the invitations, programs and hand-lettered table signs herself. A whimsical floral wreath motif was woven throughout the day, making an appearance in the stationery and centerpieces to create a sense of cohesion and continuity. A tip from Kenzi and Jon: “Make your day as much about you two as you can. It's easy to find yourself caring more about how everyone else will feel about it, but the day is about you and your love. That will make it the most fun and special.”