A Rustic, Boho-Chic Wedding at the Barn & Gazebo in Salem, Ohio

                    With no specific palette or theme in mind, Carlyn Kachurek (27 and a wedding and lifestyle photographer) and Ben Pecch

With no specific palette or theme in mind, Carlyn Kachurek (27 and a wedding and lifestyle photographer) and Ben Pecchia (24 and a pediatric registered nurse) created a boho-chic, rustic style for their wedding at the Barn & Gazebo in Salem, Ohio, through picking out items that reflected them as a couple. “The only way I can describe our wedding style is that it was us,” Carlyn says. “We decided to skip the traditional method of planning a wedding and just picked the things we liked. It came together perfectly in a very earthy, simple and bohemian way.” Carlyn and Ben shared a love for the outdoors, so they had their ceremony outside at the gazebo with a white linen backdrop. The dried lavender boutonnieres added pops of color to the brown suspenders and khakis worn by the groomsmen, and the wildflower bouquets matched the retro brown, red and orange floral designs on the bridesmaid dresses. Inside the rustic barn, green glass containers picked up from thrift shops held colorful bloom centerpieces and white votive candles. We love that Carlyn and Ben showed off their love for travel through old suitcases, antique globes and classic cameras, along with the vintage postcard guest book. “Our wedding day as a whole was a beautiful reflection of who Ben and I are,” Carlyn says. “We were true to ourselves, our style and interests, and we didn't really worry too much about the details.”

Wedding Paper Divas designed the invitations that reflected the simply natural wedding day. An elegant floral design circled around the red text revealing the day's details.
Carlyn wore a crown assorted with a variety of colorful wildflowers, adding a bohemian touch to wedding day look. The subtle pink blush and red lip makeup had the natural look Carlyn went for.
Orange Woven Middle on Brown Sandals
The bridesmaids wore busy floral-patterned dresses with a mix of orange, red, purple and green. The girls had brown belts wrapped around their waists, and Caryln made the dangling hoop earrings and necklaces for all the bridesmaids to wear.
Wooden Altar With Candles and Flowers
The bridal bouquet made up of colorful blooms and accents of greenery created a bold statement against Carlyn's ivory wedding dress. "When I met with Tara, who made the bouquets, I told her I loved wildflowers, daisies, greenery and bright colors," Carlyn says. "She took those ideas and made the most incredible bouquets ever."
Caryln found her BHLDN ivory dress with crocheted lace in an unexpected place: eBay. She searched everywhere to find this dress that had been discontinued, so when she found it online, she couldn't resist.
Carlyn and Ben posed with their wedding party in front of a wooden backdrop, which matched the day's natural-colored attire. The groomsmen sported brown suspenders that Ben found on Etsy, attached to a pair of brown pants. The bridesmaids wore matching knee-length floral dresses in several colors with their brown sandals.
Gold and Silver Classic Wedding Rings
Inside the wooden barn, dining tables dressed in white tablecloths seated guests under elegant string lights. The barn interior had exposed wood everywhere, adding to the rustic vibe at the Barn & Gazebo in Salem, Ohio.
Seating Assignment Charts in Wooden Boxes
Guests found their seats through the circular wooden slabs that had their names written in white, bringing natural elements from outside straight into the indoor reception at the Barn & Gazebo in Salem, Ohio.
Tan Vest and Brown Pants
"I have been a collector of green glass for a few years, and when trying to come up with decor ideas I had the crazy notion of gathering enough green glass to use for table centerpieces," Carlyn says. "It took me 11 months, but I'm pretty sure I cleared out every green vase from all the thrift stores in town. With the wildflowers and candles, it looked magical."
"Our last name is Pecchia, which is Italian for 'bumblebee,' so we thought the honey sticks were a fun way to incorporate another personal touch," Carlyn says. Leather string tied together the honey sticks, tagged with a label that read "Love is Sweet."
Naked Wedding Cake With Fresh Berries
String Lights Over Wooden Dance Floor