A Rustic, Bookish Wedding at Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City

It was chemistry that brought Jessica Park (31 and a medical student at Tufts University) and Spencer Platt (28 and a dental student at Tufts University) together—both literally and figuratively. Jessica and Spencer met for the first time in a pre-med chemistry class—a fitting introduction for two future doctors! Nearly five years later, they celebrated their wedding in the heart of New York City—the site of their first trip together. "After deciding that we wanted the wedding in New York City, we also came to a very quick agreement that we did not want a 'cookie cutter' wedding. No ballrooms, no grand staircases, no function halls," recalls Jessica. "We wanted a cozy, intimate, sophisticated space that had character and captured the energy and beauty of the city." Enter: the iconic Gramercy Park Hotel. With the hotel's loft-like terrace as their backdrop, Jessica and Spencer went about crafting their lush, winter wedding. A whimsical book theme, inspired by Jessica's undergraduate degree and a seasonal palette of lavender and evergreen pulled it all together. The result was a rustic-chic affair that reflected their December date without feeling too wintery.