A Rustic-Chic Barn Wedding at Adaumont Farm in Trinity, North Carolina

Even though Sarah Robb (23 and a freelance writer/graphic designer) and Paul Sheldon (25 and a software consultant) grew up in connecting neighborhoods, they didn't meet until a  mission trip to Philadelphia. Before Sarah moved out of her college apartment, Paul proposed while they were watching the sun rise over the Blue Ridge Parkway. "We were there, watching and snapping pictures with two of  my closest friends when Paul abruptly asked my roommate 'Hey, would you do me a favor? Could you get a picture of me proposing?'" says Sarah. "My roommate and I looked at each other dumbfounded and before I knew it, Paul was on one knee with the sun sparkling behind him!" The following fall, the pair exchanged vows during a rustic-chic ceremony at Adaumont Farm in Trinity, North Carolina that merged their elegant-yet-relaxed aesthetics with an autumnal twist. As a writer, Sarah put just as much importance on the stationery's wording as she did on the overall design. "I wanted people, more than anything, to know that they were in for a good time!" says Sarah. "We were there to celebrate with the people we loved, not put on a show." The whimsical black, white and gold invitation suite set the tone for a festive celebration. Sarah and Paul's neutral brown, green and gold color palette was inspired by the bride's love of fall and white linen draping from the barn ceiling with hanging chandeliers added a sophisticated feel. "We tried to put a little bit of ourselves into every piece of the event," says Sarah. "We wrote our own vows, made programs with a fun quiz about us, did a special father-daughter dance with a unique song medley and went above and beyond to show guests a good time."