A Rustic, Country Wedding at Healdsburg Country Gardens in Sonoma County, California

Kelley Rochna (35 and director of marketing for Vine Connections) and Alisha Sare (33 and in global business marketing at Facebook Headquarters) met while they were both working for an ad agency in Austin, Texas. After they both went through tough breakups, they learned on each other for support and comfort. As time went on, their friendship turned into a romantic relationship that was a new experience for Kelley. After four years of dating, the couple decided to move to Sausalito, California for a change of scenery and to start a new life together. One day, Kelley and Alisha were walking along the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped halfway across the bridge at pillar 55. They interpreted this spot as symbolic for compromise and where they made their engagement official. Kelley wanted to have their wedding at a vineyard and Alisha wanted a barn at the venue, and they found both at Healdsburg Country Gardens in Sonoma County, California. With a lush landscape and a vineyard backdrop, there was no need for a great amount of decorating at the rustic, country wedding. Soft pastels of peach, pink and ivory colored the flower arrangements, of the bouquets, table centerpieces and even the ivory cake. A vintage window displayed guest names and table assignment, and at dining tables seats were marked with a horseshoe and a note stamped on craft cardboard tag.