A Rustic Desert-Themed Wedding at Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, California

It was only appropriate that this desert-themed wedding took place in Palm Springs, California, with succulents, bougainvilleas and cacti serving as s

It was only appropriate that this desert-themed wedding took place in Palm Springs, California, with succulents, bougainvilleas and cacti serving as some of the day’s decor. Kate Slovis (26 and a design director) and Matt Manos (27 and an author an social entrepreneur) had taken a break from their busy lives in Los Angeles to go the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs before, so when they were planning their intimate wedding, the venue came to mind. The ceremony took place outside on the terrace, where breathtaking views of the hilly landscape surrounded the couple and their guests, captured by Yes, Dear Studio. The party moved inside the venue for the reception, where guests sat at long family-styled tables covered in burlap linens. Long wooden boxes were filled with succulents and leaves accented with colorful single-stem flowers, arranged by wedding planners Lavender and Clove. A sofa with tribal patterned cushions and chairs made of wood and wire surrounded a rustic table that looked like it was peeled right off a tree. Our favorite detail: Kate’s overflowing colorful bouquet filled with a wide range of flowers and greenery, ranging from ranunculus and roses to Queen Anne’s lace mixed in with fern leaves and, last but not least, succulents that represented the desert-themed occasion.

Kate wore a vintage crystal necklace that had once belonged to her great-grandmother, complemented with a dangling pair of crystal drop earrings. She wore her hair in an updo hairstyle for the wedding day, clipped with an elegant crystal pin that matched the wedding jewelry.
Matt wore a charcoal suit designed by Canali, accented with a purple and orange paisley tie and a matching pocket square tucked into his jacket. A green succulent with a yarn wrap was pinned to his jacket lapel, going along with the rustic-theme of the wedding day.
The couple had their wedding ceremony outside on the terrace at Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs, California. Kate picked out a cream-colored dress with a sweetheart neckline that was designed by Jenny Yoo that she wore on the wedding day. The dress was accented with a gold sash and copper-colored shoes.
Updo Hairstyle With Clip
Matt wore a charcoal gray suit designed by Canali with an orange and purple paisley tie, and had a green succulent wrapped in yarn pinned to his jacket lapel. He stood next to his groomsmen wearing the same suit but with bright blue ties instead, and they also wore succulents wrapped with yarn pinned to their jacket lapels.
Matt had a green succulent wrapped with yarn, pinned onto his charcoal gray jacket lapel. "We'd been at the venue before, trying to take a break from our hectic work lives," Kate says. "Palm Springs is deceptively close to Los Angeles, and we associated the Ace with relaxation and intimacy."
The reception took place inside Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, California, with family-style dining tables dressed in burlap linens. The table was set with white dinnerware decorated with fresh fruit on top. The middle of the dining tables were decorated with long wooden boxes filled with lush arrangements of plants and flowers.
The reception was decorated with arrangements filled with fern leaves, Queen Anne's lace, colorful ranunculus and lush succulents. The assorted greens and flowers were arranged inside elegant white vases, arranged by Lavender and Clove.
Dining tables were covered in burlap linens and set with white dinnerware. The white-and-blue-striped napkins had a pieces of fresh fruit and white seating assignments on top for guests to find their spot at the tables. Lush arrangements of leaves, succulents and flowers filled rustic wooden boxes that served as dining table centerpieces.
An ivory and brown couch with a tribal pattern was positioned next to two chairs, one made of wood and one made of wire. The furniture was arranged around a table made of wood, which looked like it was carved right out of a tree. The furniture molded perfectly with the rustic, desert theme of the wedding.
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