A Rustic, DIY Wedding at Frog Belly Farm in Longmont, Colorado

Sara Weltzer (29 and a physician's assistant) and Scott Knight (36 and in customer service) met while playing softball together. Sara always had a crush on Scott and, after a few games, finally worked up the courage to ask him out for drinks. Six years later, Scott and Sara were on a road trip from Oregon to Colorado and planned to stop at Yellowstone National Park for sightseeing. At the summit of Yellowstone, Scott surprised Sara and proposed. Scott and Sara decided to have their wedding at Frog Belly Farm in Longmont, CO. "We chose the environment because it was a very rustic/natural environment," Sara says. The ceremony and dinner were held outdoors on the open, grassy fields while the dancing took place inside in the farm's barn house. Scott and Sara never chose a specific color palette but instead opted for neutral colors. "The decor was inspired by the farm's simplicity," Sara says. Peaches were a major theme throughout the day. They used them as place card holders and even decorated the dining tables with them adding a pop of color. Family members helped them design chalkboard signs displayed throughout the wedding. Scott and Sara wanted their guests to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. They set up different areas throughout the farm for games and socializing enabling the guests to move around the property. Scott and Sara's wedding had few formalities allowing themselves and guests to feel relaxed and able to truly celebrate.