A Rustic DIY Wedding at Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta, Georgia

Sarah Privateer (32 and an ESOL elementary school teacher) and Alex Perroy (34 and works in business development) met at an outdoor summer concert, an encounter that Sarah's friend had been planning for months. Sarah's friend had told her that she had the perfect guy for her, but she would have to wait a few months until he moved back to the D.C. area from New York City. Sarah didn't think much of it at first, but when they finally met, she knew something was there. The two hit it off and and it wasn't long before they were an item. After two years together, Alex proposed. A fan of scavenger hunts, he set one up in their home one afternoon while Sarah was at a friend's bridal shower. On the dining room table was a card with the number one and a dozen pink roses. The card said to find a needle in the haystack that Alex had left on the living room floor. Sarah began to dig through the haystack, but broke out into hives halfway through, so decided to move on to the third clue without finding the needle. The number three was written on a card taped to the bedroom door. When she opened the door, she was greeted with 200 pink balloons, which she was supposed to pop using the needle from clue one, but pushed her way through instead to find Alex. "We were both so excited that Alex actually forgot to ask me to marry him," says Sarah. "I was starting to think it was just another one of his scavenger hunts that he had planned out of boredom that afternoon." When it came to planning their wedding, the D.C. based couple wanted a location that would be easy for their family and friends to get to. Atlanta, GA seemed like an obvious choice. Sarah's family lives in the Atlanta area and Sarah had spent a few years there after graduating from college and fell in love with the city. For a venue, the couple settled on the Sweetwater Brewery, one of Sarah's favorite spots. "It was a no-brainer," says Sarah. "We love beer and wanted our wedding to be casual and fun. Sweetwater was the perfect fit." Sarah and Alex filled the brewery with bright colorful blooms and DIY touches, like candles made from upcycled beer bottles, that reflected the couples fun, playful personalities. "The whole day, every aspect, was really a reflection of us," says Sarah. "People left our wedding saying that they could tell they were at our wedding."