A Rustic, Elegant Wedding at Dorral Farm in Marysville, Ohio

Courtney McGrew (24 and a science teacher) and Austin Miller (25 and a firefighter and paramedic) met for in the sixth grade, when they played a neighborhood game of Jailbreak. “He was so cute back then,” Courtney says. The two reconnected in high school, when Austin asked Courtney out. The timing wasn’t quite right, says Courtney, who admits she “wasn’t ready for a serious relationship.” She was ready in college, and the two dated for nearly a year before Austin broke it off. “I thought he was the one even back then, so I was devastated,” she says. A few years later, they reunited. “It may have taken us a few tries and some major heartache, but it was so worth it,” she says. “What’s meant to be will find its way.” They were married at Austin's childhood church, then moved to nearby Dorral Farm in Marysville, Ohio, for the reception, a “classy, rustic venue, without being too country,” Courtney says. They incorporated ample greenery, lavender roses, silver dollar eucalyptus and purple hues for an ethereal, romantic garden feel. “When I imagine being in a fairy tale, I imagine purple roses.” Her fairy tale was complete with a vintage Volkswagen bus photo booth, a homemade lemonade stand and family members helping with nearly every element of the wedding. Family contributions helped make the celebration “that much more special,” Courtney says. “It’s cool to look back on those personal details.” Her advice to future couples is to never give up on each other. “Choose to deliberately love each other every single day, even when times get hard. It’s worth it in the end.” —Chrissy Sorenson