A Rustic Fall Barn Wedding at The Bernards Inn in Bernardsville, New Jersey

Jessica (25 and a school counselor) and Barbara (44 and a police lieutenant) met at the university where Jess attended undergraduate and graduate school, and where Barbara works in the fall of 2011. After seeing each other around campus, Barbara invited Jess over to her apartment, where they both ate their favorite sandwich — peanut butter and Nutella. “We quickly fell for one another,” says Jess and the pair later bought a home together. Three months later, the pair got dinner at their favorite date spot, The Melting Pot, where a small dessert plate was uncovered to reveal the words, “Will you marry me?” as Barbara got down on one knee.After their romantic proposal, Jessica and Barbara started planning a wedding with a country, rustic theme at The Bernards Inn in Bernardsville, New Jersey.