A Rustic Fall Wedding at Camrose Hill Flower Farm in Stillwater, Minnesota

With an outdoor fall wedding, Beth Nersesian (28 and a high school teacher) and Roger Sandstrom (28 and a utilities operator) wanted to keep some of the natural autumn hues in their color palette. They pulled together shades of red, orange and pink accented with wood, burlap and even pumpkins for a seasonally appropriate theme. The couple chose Camrose Hill Flower Farm in Stillwater, Minnesota, for their venue because they loved the outdoor ceremony location, tented reception area and fire pit. “The location was also great because it was a beautiful area for friends and family to stay for the weekend—especially in the fall, with apple orchards and pumpkin patches nearby,” Beth says. Plus, since the venue was a flower farm, there was an on-site florist and naturally gorgeous grounds! “Cindy Sinclair, venue owner and florist, had really great ideas for the flowers, so I told her what I was thinking and let her run with the ideas, trusting that she would pull together the best arrangements,” Beth says. “She knew that I didn't want anything too formal, so she used lots of natural pieces, such as twigs and berries, to complement some of the brighter roses and dahlias.” Erin Johnson Photography beautifully captured all the details of the day. One of our favorite parts was the rustic stationery from Minted that set the wedding's tone from the very beginning. “We both loved the same design because it fit Camrose Hill perfectly.” Beth says. “Between the big tree on the front and the twinkle lights all around it, we knew that was the one! After we'd chosen the invitations, we found ourselves using the motif of a heart with our initials in it throughout the wedding. Roger even surprised me by carving that same heart on a giant oak tree at the home we bought.”