A Rustic, Fall Wedding at Cotton Market Venue in Pearl, Mississippi

Candice Stocker (30 and an occupational therapist) and Nathan Barber (27 and in property management) centered their entire wedding on the Cotton Market Venue in Pearl, Mississippi, and even took on a specific theme to accentuate its charm. “We used a lot of fall decor—pumpkins, apples, etc.—and went with a rustic style to match the barn,” Candice says.  Pumpkins and hay accented the aisle and decorated the front of the barn for their outdoor ceremony.  At the reception, Candice and Nathan set up a video station fit for a message (or photo op!) that was covered with the same materials. Another detail we loved was the authentic wooden dessert cart. The wheels alone looked like it was brought out of the 18th century. On top of that, it was covered with burlap and navy fabric to match the wedding colors. There were pies nestled on top of pumpkins and a three-tier buttercream wedding cake set on a wooden stand. Bridget Sharp Photography caught these down-home details and more, below.