A Rustic, Fall Wedding at The Inn at St. John's in Plymouth, Michigan

Emily Carnacchi (28 and an executive assistant) and Jordan Bishop (28 and a senior visual production coordinator) met through mutual friends at a happy hour after work. A week later they went on their first date and were immediately inseparable, knowing just 3 months in that they would be together forever. The couple wanted to host their traditional Catholic wedding near Emily's family and found The Inn at St. John's to be the perfect location. The historic Italian architecture and leaf covered grounds created the natural, fall color palette seen throughout the ceremony and reception. Charcoal grey and mustard yellow were laced with sage green as a tribute to colors of the season. Real leaves dipped in wax served as the main decor of the cocktail hour, while cylindrical vases holding faintly lit tree branches were used as centerpieces atop gray tablecloths for the reception. Although the bride was nervous about the large dance floor going unused, the DJ provided a great set and the evening rounded out with a non-stop dance party. "It may sound crazy, but the entire day reflects us both. We both carefully planned every detail together. To have a groom that is willing to help play a part in the planning process is rare, just about as rare as a bride who will let him, but we make all decisions together so the details of our day were no different." says Emily.