A Rustic Fishing-Inspired Wedding at Private Residence in Aspen, Colorado

Inspired by their love for fishing, Diane Shulte (middle school teacher) and Joe Croteau (high school teacher) chose to get married at a private ranch between The Roaring Fork and Frying Pan Valley in the Aspen, Colorado, area (their favorite fishing spot). The couple--who run a fly fishing business in Estes Park during the summer--carried their theme in everything from the blue and green river-inspired attire to the river table names complete with photos of the couple in each river with the fish they caught. Diane and Joe used a blue, green and white color palette to look like the river and Diane made all of the blue and white floral arrangements herself for a fun DIY project. Big Momma Home Cooking served a locally grown dinner and Mountain Flour made two cakes for dessert—one with mountaintops and blue skies and one as an aspen tree stump. At the end of the night, the couple did a choreographed first dance before turning the lantern-lit patio into a party. Guests went home with chocolates from Hawaii (Diane’s hometown) and gummy worm “bait.”