A Rustic, Garden Inspired Wedding at Caspar Community Center in Caspar, California

Kim Suekawa (35, a biologist) and Chris Pirrone (37, an attorney) met up for their first date at Starbucks that led to dinner and ended with a long evening stroll. They realized quickly they had a lot in common, and it wasn’t long before they were officially in a relationship. Two and a half years later, the couple was watching the sunset at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, one of Kimberly’s favorite spots. It wasn’t until Chris started getting down on both knees (yes, both) that Kimberly realized what was happening. Chris proposed to Kim that night with a beautiful diamond ring, and so the wedding planning began! One of the first trips the couple took together was to Mendocino, California for the 4th of July. They went to the Mendocino Gardens while they were there, and were so blown away that the venue was the first to come to mind for their ceremony. A wooden stage surrounded by towering trees with a backdrop of the ocean was perfect for the rustic ivory, blue and blush-toned garden wedding. The reception that followed was held in a restored schoolhouse that has been renovated into a local community center in Caspar, California. DIY elements were seen throughout the day, from the custom-made programs on unique decorative paper to the chalkboard signs made from old cabinet doors and plant themed escort cards. “We really felt our special day reflected our simple, sentimental and nature loving ways in all aspects,” says Kim.