A Rustic, Homespun Wedding at a Private Residence in Conifer, Colorado

Monique Larson (29 and a bookkeeper) and Michael Forsythe's (29 and an HVAC foreman) wedding was a dream, 20 years in the making for Monique. Raised riding horses in the meadow of her family's 40-acre property in Conifer, Colorado, the bride recalls choosing the spot as her venue when she was 10 years old. But with only a century-old cabin on the property, the couple knew they had their work cut out for them to turn it into a wedding venue. Along with Monique's brother, the pair spent the summer before their wedding building a garage for the reception from the ground up. Inside the garage, items salvaged from the 2012 Lower North Fork fire that destroyed the bride's family's home added significance and to the decor, including a handmade chandelier created from her grandmother's silverware, which they saved. —Rory Kress