A Rustic Indian Wedding at Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple, Panchavati Gazebo in Chicago, Illinois

Namrita Jain (26 and a pediatric resident) and John Odackal (27 and a medical student) met at University of Chicago. Getting to to know each other dur

Namrita Jain (26 and a pediatric resident) and John Odackal (27 and a medical student) met at University of Chicago. Getting to to know each other during a physics class and being members of the South Asian Student Association (SASA), the beginning of Namrita and John began. After that, they spent as much time together as possible before John moved to New York City to get his Masters degree in Education at NYU. Namrita moved to New York to begin her residency and experience the pleasures of New York with John after two years in a long distance relationship. Under the pretense of meeting his brother and sister, John took Namrita on the Long Island Sound to watch the sunset with a bottle of champagne. After the stars came out and everyone left the beach, John popped the question. Since Namrita's family was going to plan the majority of the wedding, the couple decided to have the wedding in Chicago. A two week intensive shopping spree in the crowded but beautifully adorned corners of Delhi and Jaipur inspired the color palette of fall season and earthy ethnic colors such as rust, eggplant purple, mehendi green, and mustard yellow. Their wedding ceremony was held at Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple, Panchavati Gazebo, while the reception was held at the Fountain Blue. Namrita and John chose to serve grapefruit margaritas, blueberry mojitos at the cocktail hour and provided a selection of North Indian vegetarian dishes to their guests for dinner. "The wedding was an intimate gathering, full of the people we love," says Namrita. "The mingling among cousins and friends on the dance floor, the personalized introductions to the bridal party, and attention to details made for a warm atmosphere reflecting our personalities as a couple and as individuals."

Bride sits cross-legged in a white lounge chair accentuating her wavy braid pony tail styled by Silvermoon Salon.
Henna is painted on the bride's hands to go along with Indian tradition when celebrating a momentous occasion.
Indian Groom Presented with Headdress
Indian Bride Getting Ready Before Ceremony
Bride Smiles and Embraces Bridesmaid
Joyous Bride with Supportive and Loving Family Members
The color scheme of the wedding is seen through the bridal bouquet in the mustard yellow, green and red of the roses and calla lilies mixed with the greenery.
A horse transports the groom with a young boy to the ceremony.
Colorful beads and sequence brighten up the soft, white hair of the horse.
Groom is Joined by Groomsmen in Traditional Indian Wedding Attire
Indian Wedding Party Pose with the Bride and Groom
The bright ethnic colors of the fall season pop against the white linen at the ceremony venue.
The bride glows under an orange canopy as she processes down the isle. She carries a floral necklace to be worn later on in the ceremony.
Indian Bride and Groom Hold a Leaf in their Hands During Ceremony
Groom Performs Ceremonial Rituals with Bride
Bride and Groom Share A Romantic Smile Under Floral Alter
Bride and Groom Stand Side by Side During Ceremony
Indian Bride and Groom Hold Hands in Wedding Attire
The bride and groom light incense as party of the ceremonial traditions of an Indian wedding.
Bride and Groom's Performing Indian Wedding Traditions
Bride and Groom Work Together To Spread White Blanket on Grass
Bride and groom are enjoying their wedding photo session on a clean white cotton blanket
Groom Embraces his Bride in a Romantic Kiss
The groom wrote a heartfelt letter expressing his love to his bride telling her of how she looks in the sunshine.