A Rustic Indoor Wedding at Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg, North Carolina

Allison Mayo (28 and a travel writer) was driving around Corolla, looking for a place to rent when she spotted Josh Legg (28 and a hardscape manager). "I saw this tan, fit, handsome, shirtless guy walking down the stairs and my brain didn't think twice—my foot hit the brake and my mouth opened to ask for directions," says Allie. "Even though I had grown up in Corolla and it's impossible to get lost!" Unknowingly, Allie ended up moving into Josh's best friend's house and the pair dated for five years before planning their rustic indoor wedding at Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg, North Carolina. The couple was inspired by the huge wine vats lining one of the venue's walls, which became the focal point of their ceremony. "We decided to place the arbor we made out of wine vines in front of the vats to use them as a back drop and it turned out amazing!" says Allie. As a surprise, the flower girl walked a pot belly pig down the aisle during the ceremony. "She lured her down the aisle using sprinkled donuts instead of flower petals—that threw people off for sure!" says Allie. The bride used her father's colorful collection of old bottles with wildflowers and pieces of wood for centerpieces. Picking the color palette was the hardest decision because I love all colors, but eventually I chose a teal palette with pale yellow."