A Rustic Loft Wedding at The Huron Substation in Los Angeles, California

Rose Lannutti (31, a wedding coordinator) and Aron Forbes (29, a musician) met while Rose held auditions to join her band, back when she wanted to pur

Rose Lannutti (31, a wedding coordinator) and Aron Forbes (29, a musician) met while Rose held auditions to join her band, back when she wanted to pursue a professional singing career. Aron played with Rose at her first band rehearsal, and although they both weren’t looking for a relationship at the time, they couldn’t deny their attraction toward each other. Four and a half years later on Christmas Day, Aron led Rose on scavenger hunt that ended with a proposal in front of their Christmas tree. They got married at the Huron Substation, a large brick lofted building that fit all 130 of their guests comfortably. Rose wore an ivory satin wedding dress designed by Sophia Tolli, and she let her bridesmaids completely pick what they would prefer to wear of the wedding day to be the most comfortable. The couple wanted to have a fall color palette for their wedding decor, despite it being a spring occasion. Since Rose’s profession was in the wedding industry, she didn’t want the traditional wedding, so they strove to have unique elements on their special day to make it unique. They decided to leave out the formal dances, cake cutting and assigned seating arrangements for the reception, but did have a grand entrance, toasts and incorporated Jewish traditions with loved ones, whether or not guests were familiar with them.

Square-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
The bride wore shimmery silver shoes with an open-toed front on her wedding day.
The bride wore a strapless ivory wedding dress on her wedding day, with elegant drapery going down the skirt of the gown.
Rose held a red, burnt orange and ivory colorful bouquet made up of roses and lilies.
“We asked our closest friends to be the "unofficial bridal party,” says Rose. “We didn't want to put pressure on anyone that day, so we told them to wear whatever they wanted, and that hair and makeup was available to them should they choose to do it. It was so laid back, and nobody felt miffed or fought about what dress works best for them.”
Groom and Groomsmen in Different Attire
“We had a mixer-type of wedding instead of a seated, coursed dinner, so the space lends itself well to that type of party,” says Rose. “Once we got there and were with all of the people, we loved it because it was clear to us that it’s not the space you are in, but the people you are with that make it special.”
The chandelier inside the venue had teardrop glass pieces with candles and long flower arrangements hanging from its wooden circular shape.
“It was really important for us to incorporate some Jewish elements into our wedding so that we could share that part of ourselves with our friends who may not be so familiar with it,” says Rose.
Bride and Father Walking Down Stairs
Young Children at Wedding Celebration
Live Music During Wedding Ceremony
Bride and Groom Holding Hands
First Kiss as Husband and Wife
Black and White Wedding Party Shot
Reception tables were wooden tables with a variety of succulent centerpieces and candles decorating the top.
On reception tables, green and orange succulent arrangements as well as lilies mixed with branches in a glass bottle served as centerpieces.
Succulent and Candle Reception Centerpieces
“It really stood out to us how many people who had never met before were hanging out together,” says Rose. “The next day, we noticed everyone at the wedding became Facebook friends. We were surrounded by amazing people who all are open to meeting new people and really reflect us as a couple. There was a lot of love in that room.”
First Dance on Wedding Night