A Rustic Mountain Wedding at Pine Rose Cabins in Lake Arrowhead, California

Sara Schmitt and Taylor Low first met when she was in 8th grade and he was in 9th grade. "I was friends with his sister and we bonded over our mutual love for N*Sync -- really!" Sara, now 28 and a pediatric occupational therapist at Irvine Unified School District says of meeting Taylor, now 30 and a client associate at Merrill Lynch. "We decided to make a fan video and Taylor was the lucky one who got to film it. Ever since then we were close friends and remained friends for many years until we first kissed on New Years Eve in 2007." The two were married at Pine Rose Cabins, a resort on Lake Arrowhead. "We chose our venue because it was just so unique and fun to us. We loved the feel of the mountain location and all the beautiful scenery that Lake Arrowhead has," says Sara. "We also loved the tree house appearance of the property." Since Sara and Taylor's wedding venue was surrounded by aged trees and mountain vistas, the pair chose a colors that would add to the natural beauty of the atmosphere. "We didn't want to choose a bunch of coors that took away from the beauty of the environment. We kept our colors neutral, choosing an off-white hues and earthy green tones with pops of tomato red and blush."